1. What is a QR code?
The QR (Quick Response) code is a type of a matrix barcode (or a two-dimensional code) that is able to hold large numbers of coded information, yet be easily read. The code is composed of black modules assorted in a square-shaped fashion on a white background. Coded information can include any type of data (binary, alphanumeric, symbolic, etc.). Reading the code is easy with any device with a program for scanning barcodes and with internet access.
2. What type of smartphone has the ability to read QR codes?
QR codes can be read by cell phones with a camera and internet access and the installed application for reading QR codes. These applications are factory installed on some devices, while for others there is a large selection of free applications that can be downloaded from the internet.
3. What service is included with the QR Remembrance code?
The service offered involves the development of the web page, i.e. the profile of the deceased person. With the created profile comes a ceramic tile with the embedded QR code that connects to the profile of the deceased person. The profile is composed of a short CV, picture gallery, a video, favorite letters, a personal addition (such as a prayer, etc.), and the like. The service also includes the maintenance of the webpage (hosting, backup). The profile can be changed over a period of one month (change in pictures, video, etc.).
4. What is the purpose of the ceramic tile with the QR code?
The ceramic tile with the embedded QR code is placed on the appropriate tombstone. The purpose of our idea is to offer people some type of solace. The fast-paced lives that we lead are present in all segments of our day, including the visit to the cemetery. The QR Remembrance code offers the opportunity to hold on to a moment for a bit longer when visiting the cemetery, remember the lost loved one, look at pictures, a video, and listen to a melody.
5. Who can look at the profile of the deceased person?
The profile of the deceased person can be viewed by any person that comes to the grave of the deceased and has a cell phone or tablet with the installed program for scanning QR codes and internet access.
6. How long does a QR remembrance code service last?
The service lasts one year and can be extended afterward. If the user does not want to continue the service, the profile becomes deactivated. It can be reactivated again if so desired.
7. Do you place the ceramic tile on the tombstone and how is the tile affixed?
We do not affix the QR code tile. Each user affixes their own tile on their tombstone, simply by using a bit of silicone. It is possible for the tile to be affixed by using self-adhesive tape on the back from the company 3M VHB, although the use of silicone is recommended. We can recommend a person to set up your ceramic tile on the tombstone.
8. Can weather damage the ceramic tile with the QR code?
The ceramic tile can NOT be damaged. It can withstand all weather conditions.
9.How long after ordering the QR code is it necessary to wait for the production of the ceramic tile?
Once we receive all the necessary information that is desired to be included in the profile of the deceased person, 7 business days are required until the fulfillment of the service.).
10. Is it possible to make online orders?
We prefer to make arrangements in person, but it is also possible to make online orders.
11. Is the QR Remembrance code covered by a warrantee?
In case of damage to the ceramic tile due to weather conditions, we will replace the tile at no cost. However, we are not responsible for damage caused by mishandling the tile.


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