QR Remembrance Code



qrThe idea of a QR Remembrance Code came after personally experiencing the loss of a loved one and the desire to keep the memories of that person close. LOGRO was founded with a goal of offering all those that lost someone dear to them a sense of peace and comfort by keeping cherished memories alive.

The QR (Quick Response) code is a type of a matrix barcode (or a two-dimensional code) that is able to hold large numbers of coded information, yet be easily read. The code is composed of black modules assorted in a square-shaped fashion on a white background. Coded information can include any type of data (binary, alphanumeric, symbolic, etc.). Reading the code is easy with any device with a program for scanning barcodes and with internet access.

LOGRO is a firm that produces QR Remembrance codes on tombstones. This code, with a simple click on a mobile phone or tablet, brings the user to the profile of the lost loved one, which includes information of that person that you would like to share. The profile can be composed of pictures, videos, favorite music, and the like.

When we lose a loved one, we often talk about them, fill our homes with their photographs, all out of the desire for those warm memories to never fade.

LOGRO gives you an ability to create a page of the lost loved one, filled with photographs, a video or a loving song, helping to keep the memories alive and providing you with some peace and comfort.

Old, unvisited graves obliterate the memory of the lost person and, after some time, memories begin to fade. The QR code offers to renew memories, alleviates the feeling of emptiness, and gives you the feeling that the person is with you.

Don’t let your memories fade…

Keep a live picture forever…


Cost of the service is 720 kn. The service lasts one year and can be extended for 100 kn a year.

QR Remembrance Code includes:

  • A ceramic tile with an embedded QR code
  • A short CV
  • A picture gallery from their life (up to 15 pictures)
  • A video (up to 5 minutes in length)
  • An addition (a prayer or something desired by user)